Welcome to Cuba Today, Still Unspoiled & Untouch…

Experience The Cuban Culture with a People to People Visa. Cuba is truly The Jewel of the Caribbean.

The Jewel of the Caribbean

Cuba being Named Just that for it’s Vibrant Colors, Architecture, Museum’s, Music & of course it’s Warm, Friendly people.

Travel With Confidence

Welcome to an environment(as an American) which is truly safe & welcoming to all those traveling from the States.

Dispel Past Myths

Visiting Cuba today as it dispels it’s past and as it starts to realize it’s full potential of the Past 50 years of Tourism from Canada, Europe & South America.

The Cigar Factory

Roll One Yourself

This Tour is a must do for Everyone, Even Non-Smokers who will appreciate how Cigars are made & rolled into one. Some of the most sought after Cigars in the world. Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, just to name a few Cigars, are Made in Cuba. Cuba Cigar factory a must see & part of your tour package. For this tour, there is about three hours needed.

Old Havana Walking Tour

The People's Exchange

Experience the People, with a walking tour you won’t soon Forget. Share your ideas & conversations on this tour where everyone is open to your ideas & input. The Exchange of ideaology will surprise you as with most Cubans, they love their country and a simpler way of life. Combine this tour with any other tour which is 3 hours or less. Total time for this tour is about 2.5 Hours.

Hemingway’s Estate

Back In Time

Going to Cuba is exactly like going back in time, back to a simpler life. So if it’s a walking tour, The Cigar Factory or a visit to Hemingway’s Estate, where it is truly frozen in time, be sure to take your camera for some photos you’ll be enjoying for years to come. Hemingway’s Estate has been preserve by some of the best historians in Cuba & I have been told as you tour his home, that 90% of the items found in his home are still exactly the way he left them. This is a must see & if you package it with his favorite restaurant, “ The Finca” you will truly be mesmerized with it’s Ocean View, while you have lunch right next to Ernest Hemingway favorite table, also still reserve only for him.

Welcome To
The Buena Vista Vibe

Where World Class Musicians Come Together

Their music from the 1930s, 40s & 50s will still have you dancing in the isles. No where else can you find the dynamics & excitement, which these entertainers still supply from yesteryear. These Musicians brought together for a world tour in the mid 90s were already 30 to 40 years past their prime & led to many spinoff’s of there music from the past. Now combine with a few up & coming stars they perform in Havana Tuesday’s and Saturdays. This piece of Cuban culture will keep you smiling as their music & beat can still bring a smile to your feet. Dinner is available with every show.

El Morro

Havana’s Castle & Guardian of The Bay

Experience a piece of History, where “El Morro” Defended the entrance of the bay of Havana. El Morro comes alive every evening with a gun salute at about 9 PM., but the images from the sunsets each evening from the castle seems to always be breath taking. The canons lining the rooftop still again brings imagery from long ago. Wear comfortable shoes, since you will want to see the 5 story high Christ statue, The Military Musem and more.

The Tropicana

World Famous Las Vegas Style Dinner Club

This show is a once on a life time show, Opened in 1939 and on going since, it has survive three revolutions on a six-acre suburban estate with lush tropical gardens in Havana's Marianao neighborhood. The Tropicana once known as a nightclub called Edén Concert. This show will leave you as part of an era which has never been forgotten & wanting more.


Viñales, a rural town in Western Cuba, a perfect combination of natural beauty and traditional Cuban culture. It is best known for its tobacco farms, limestone hills & caves of Valle de Viñales.

Visit with the local farmers right at there home & experience a freshly squeeze sugar cane, Pineapple, Rum drink, of course all natural. So if you’re into cigars, horse back riding, nature, and culture, put this on your to do list.


Did you Know Varadero Beach in Cuba is one of the top FIVE Beaches in the world?

The Beach and It’s Aqua Blue waters, will have you remembering it forever. Don’t forget to visit it’s First Rate World Class Marina to boot. Varadero Gaviota Marina, has about 1200 slips and can accommodate Yachts up 220’, Yes 220’. Restaurants are everywhere, shopping & you will feel safe anywhere you go.