We make it simple, you choose, Commercial Flight, Private Plane, Sportfish Yacht or Motor Yacht, once you decide we will make it happen for you. Our Team has boots on the Ground & we will set you up once your are there with your own Classic Car, Driver & Guide it’s as simple as Apple Pie. Just pick out your itinerary & we will do the rest.

By Air

$1,299.00 Havana 4 Day All Inclusive Tour Package.
$1,899.99 Vinales & Havana 5 Day Tour, All Inclusive Tour Package.
Getting into Cuba has never been easier from the United States as an American.We secured the “People to People’s Cuban Visa, We book your flight and we certify your B & B.
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By Boat

Arriving by boat can be easily done as long as all passengers hold American Passports. We will obtain Cuban Visas prior to your trip & your purpose to go is again to help support the Cuban People with the “People to People’s” Visa, Our by participating in any of the Regattas & Tournaments thereby Supporting an exchange of ideas through community involvement.
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Around Town

Getting around town is as easy as renting a car, using a cab, using a private or Classic Car for all of our Tours.